Success Habits Bundle

The Success Habits 10 Map Bundle includes a selection of hand picked maps that are designed to help you develop essential habits and behaviors of high performing individuals.


Who is this Bundle for?

  • Anyone who wants to develop key habits and behaviors of high achievers.

  • Anyone who wants to understand what essential habits will help them be successful.

  • Anyone with a high level of ambition striving to live up to their full potential.

  • Anyone who is interested in learning about what it takes to achieve success.

  • Anyone who wants to develop effective habits and rituals to achieve their goals.

"If you don't sacrifice what you want, what you want becomes the sacrifice."

The Following Maps are Included in this Bundle...

  • Consistency in Action

    This IQ Matrix explores how taking consistent action over an extended period of time is more valuable than short bursts of massive undertaking. Success in any field of endeavor comes down to dedicating yourself to the development of critical habits that will help you attain your desired objectives. And, of course, these habits are built upon the regular actions you take and the activities you partake in over an extended period of time. By developing the habit, you create consistency, and with consistency you produce your desired results over the long-run. If there was a secret to success — and to generating more luck — then this might very well be it. This map explores what it means to consistently apply yourself to something. It shows you how to develop the habit of consistency. It breaks down how to take consistent action toward a desired goal. And it provides you with suggestions on how to stay consistent over time. This, of course, requires commitment and sacrifice.

    Map 1

  • Map 2

    A Curious Nature

    This IQ Matrix gives you a glimpse into how successful people use curiosity to achieve their goals. Learning how to cultivate curiosity can have an extraordinary impact on your life. The mind map explores how curiosity is the starting point of every great achievement. It breaks down the advantages of cultivating a curious nature and how it supports your ability to learn and grow. It presents you with questions that will spark your curiosity. Delves into curiosity practices you can partake in. And lists the things you must avoid doing that are likely to undermine your curiosity. Those who are curious see the world very differently when compared to those who never question the nature of their reality. Curiosity is, therefore, an indispensable part of success that can open up doors of opportunity that others never have access to.

  • The Art of Self-Control

    This IQ Matrix explores how successful people strengthen their self-control to override unwanted impulses, feelings, thoughts, habits, and temptations. The map, however, also looks at the subtle difference between self-control and willpower. On the surface, both seem to suggest that we tend to hold ourselves back from doing something. This is, of course, true to an extent, however, there are some subtle differences that make one significantly more effective than the other. Working through this map will help you to better understand what self-control is and how to best utilize it to achieve your goals and objectives. The map specifically shows you how to strengthen and rejuvenate your self-control when you need it most to help you accomplish your goals.

    Map 3

  • Map 4

    Calm Under Pressure

    This IQ Matrix explores the methods that successful people use to stay cool, calm, and collected while under heavy amounts of pressure. These pressure situations often lead to high levels of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. In fact, pressure situations can trigger a wide variety of unhelpful emotional responses that leave us feeling exhausted and despondent. This mind map is designed to help you develop a more relaxed and carefree demeanor and outlook on life. It outlines the importance of choosing calmness throughout the day. Provides guidelines on how to stay calm under pressure. Walks you through various ways to relax. And examines how to stay calm, cool and collected over the long-run. Working through this map will help you to stay calm during pressure situations when your goals are on the line.

  • Make a Difference

    This IQ Matrix explores how successful people make a positive difference in the world. Making a difference doesn’t necessarily mean putting into action some grand scheme that will instantly make the world a better place. What it does mean is focusing on the little things that will make a difference to your community and to the lives of those around you. And as you make a difference you work with more purposeful intention. The mind map explores what it means to be generous and how you can become a more generous person. It breaks down what it means to be nice to other people. This is all about doing good deeds for other people that impact their lives in a positive way. The map also shows you how to be more giving and how that can transform your relationship with other people. And finally, the mind map outlines what it means to be more helpful. This is all about giving up your time and energy to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

    Map 5

  • Map 6

    Living with Gratitude

    This IQ Matrix explores how to live life with more gratitude and appreciation. Living with gratitude will not only make you feel better about yourself, it will also help put things into perspective. No longer will you be focused on all the things you don't have or on all the things that are going wrong. You will, instead, come to appreciate what you have and the value you can bring to the world. Gratitude is one of those rarely discussed habits of mind that lie at the core of all long-term success and achievement. This mind map explores what it means to live with gratitude and how it can help shift your perspective about your life and circumstances. It describes the differences between a person who lives with gratitude and a person who constantly criticises and complains. It then walks you through how to be more grateful. And concludes by providing you various reasons why you should be more grateful starting today. The map specifically provides you with a set of questions you can ask that will help you come to appreciate your weaknesses, difficulties, mistakes, and emotional pain.

  • Handling Rejection

    This IQ Matrix challenges us to change how we interpret the fear of rejection. Rejection can, in fact, be an extremely beneficial and helpful force that accelerates our growth and development. However, we must first come to appreciate the value it can bring to our lives. This mind map outlines the advantages of rejection. It breaks down how to effectively cope with feelings of rejection. It highlights how to get the most from every rejection you face. And it concludes with an overview of how to best prepare ourselves for future rejection. Learning how to handle rejection is just one of those things that all successful people have worked through. Rejection no longer phases successful people. They understand its value and use it as motivation to build the momentum they need to achieve their goals.

    Map 7

  • Map 8

    Working Smarter

    This IQ Matrix explores how to stop being busy, and instead build the habit of working on the most important things that have the greatest impact on your goals. This mind map has been designed to help you re-prioritize how you think and how you work on day-to-day tasks and activities. What many unsuccessful people get wrong is that they waste too much time on just being busy. Being busy doesn’t mean you’re making progress. You make progress when you make better choices that help you work on the right things, at the right time, for the right amount of time, and for the right reasons. That is the only way to accelerate your results. This mind map outlines what it means to be genuinely busy. It explores how to prioritize your tasks and activities. It highlights the difference between a task that is important, necessary, and unnecessary. It delves into how to make better choices that will move your goals forward. And it presents you with various guidelines and suggestions for working smarter, not harder.

  • Living Authentically

    This IQ Matrix explores how to live a life aligned with your true authentic nature. These days we play many different roles and there are just so many expectations that people and society put upon us. Being authentic and living an authentic life is very difficult because we feel pressure from others to live and act a certain way. As a result, we tend to do and say things to gain people’s approval in social situations. We effectively wear masks that disguise our true selves from the world. This makes us come across as disingenuous in social situations, which undermines our efforts to build rapport with others. This map walks you through what it takes to live authentically. It provides you with a list of questions to help you tap into your true authentic nature, and explores three key areas of authenticity that you can bring forth into your social interactions with others. Authenticity is one of those seldom discussed traits that many successful people have in common.

    Map 9

  • Map 10

    An Honorable Life

    This IQ Matrix explores what it takes to live an honorable life. Honor within the context of this mind map encompasses loyalty, honesty, and respect. However, integrity is also a significant component of this formula, and it is subtly integrated into each branch. Working through this map will help you live a more honorable life. And with honor, of course, comes trust, which helps you build deeper and more meaningful relationships with those around you. Each branch of this map explores a different facet of honor. In combination, these four pillars of honor will help you live a more honorable life where your influence over others progressively grows stronger over time. This is yet another rarely discussed trait shared by many successful people.

Each Map Comes in the Following File Formats...

JPEG Image File

JPEG files are ideal for viewing on your computer, tablet, mobile, or any other portable device. You can open these files using any photo viewing app or software.

PDF File

PDF files are ideal for printing from your personal computer. And because these files are in high resolution format they can be printed in A4, A3, and A2 sizes.

Editable Mind Map File

The MindManager file format is an editable text only version of the IQ Matrix. It can be edited using Xmind, iMindMap, MindGenius mind mapping applications.

Some Maps May Also Include the Following Bonuses...

Written PDF Summary

This is a written summary of the mind map that breaks down in detail each branch and concept presented within the map. It's available in a printable PDF format. You will find the online version of these summaries on the IQ Matrix Blog.

eBook Format

This is a formatted eBook that summarizes each branch of the map in detail. These eBooks have a convenient clickable table of contents. Ideal for reading on your computer, tablet, mobile or device. The eBook comes in PDF and a flipbook format.

IQ Doodles

IQ Doodles are fun cartoon doodles that outline a very specific series of practical steps for improving various aspects of your life. Each IQ Doodle is linked to a topic outlined within a mind map. They are the perfect companion for each IQ Matrix.

Below you will find a short description for each icon. When the icon has a green tick it means that this item is included with your map. Items that have a red cross are not currently available.

IQ Matrix is excellent in helping people better understand the bigger picture on the various topics. In my first review of a map they are sometimes overwhelming. But when I take the time to really analyze each map I realize how much is there.

Ken Witte

Of all the resources I have invested in during my journey, this is absolutely the best investment of all, and the maps are so affordable. I print them out, study them and work on them with clients.

Idun Munkejord

More Content to be Added Over Time...

Summaries and eBooks for each IQ Matrix are made available over time. They will be added to your downloads page automatically once they have been published. At this time, no further IQ Doodles are planned for production. However, some of the 100s of mind maps that have been created do also include Visual Thinking Templates and instructions on how to use them.

"Who you are tomorrow begins with what you to today."


Each IQ Matrix represents a cluster of thoughts about a single topic. It’s like a neuron network of interconnected thoughts where you meticulously explore the brain of someone who has successfully mastered the topic. You then take those thought clusters and implant them into your own brain as you use the map. Kind of like a software upgrade for your brain.


Each map effectively categorizes the most important and actionable ideas about a topic into conveniently digestible chunks. It uses keywords and questions in a sentence-like structure that’s easy to follow and understand.


Each map uses a combination of keywords, colors and images designed in an organic radial-like structure that naturally helps improve memory while encouraging photographic recall of the information you are exploring.​


Each map provides you with a comprehensive bird’s eye view of the topic. Subsequently, you gain deeper insights as you're better able to recognize how various ideas are interlinked together to form the whole topic.​

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