The Risk Taker Bundle

The Risk Taker 10 Map Bundle includes a selection of hand picked maps that are designed to help you take more intelligent and calculated risks as you work on pursuing your goals.


Who is this Bundle for?

  • Anyone who feels somewhat timid, uncertain, and hesitant when it comes to risk taking.

  • Anyone who wants to break free of their comfort zone and take a chance on themselves.

  • Anyone who wants to understand what it takes to gain maximum value from taking risks.

  • Anyone who is committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

  • Anyone who wants a framework for making the most of their opportunities.

"Learn to listen. Opportunity could be knocking at your door very softly."

The Following Maps are Included in this Bundle...

  • Intelligent Risk Taking

    This IQ Matrix provides you with the guidance you need to take more intelligent risks. The mind map outlines the various advantages of risk-taking. It breaks down the roadblocks to intelligent risk-taking. It walks you through a five-step process for making more intelligent and objective decisions. And it concludes by presenting you with numerous guidelines to help you take more calculated risks. As you work through this map you will develop a knack for taking more intelligent risks, which will subsequently help you accomplish your goals and objectives.

    Map 1

  • Map 2

    Unlocking Opportunity

    This IQ Matrix explores how to identify and take advantage of the incredible opportunities you are given as you work toward your goals. The mind map outlines how to recognize opportunities. It breaks down how to then take advantage of the opportunities you are given. And it provides you with a set of questions that will help you gain the clarity you need to make more effective decisions when opportunities present themselves. The key though is to always stay vigilant and aware of the various opportunities that you could potentially take advantage of. It’s not always easy because sometimes these opportunities come disguised as problems. However, if you’re resourceful enough you can successfully turn problems into opportunities for progress. Other people might call that luck, but you will know better.

  • Living Spontaneously

    This IQ Matrix will show you what it takes to live life in a more interesting, fun and unpredictable way. This, of course, isn’t about being reckless with your choices and decisions. It’s rather about pulling yourself out of your comfort zone and taking a few more chances. It’s about trying new things and seeking out new adventures that may provide you with unexpected opportunities that you otherwise might have missed. Living spontaneously is about spicing up your life in ways that will help you live more fully, freely, and courageously. The map defines what it means to live spontaneously. It walks you through the changes you need to make to become a more spontaneous person. It takes you through a four-step process for becoming more spontaneous. It provides you with further guidelines for spontaneous living. And concludes by exploring the value of saying YES to things that will enhance your life.

    Map 3

  • Map 4

    Embracing Uncertainty

    This IQ Matrix explores how to better manage the unexpected surprises and uncertainties that life tends to throw at us each day. The mind map outlines how uncertainty evolves in our lives. It highlights the benefits that can be derived from embracing uncertainty. It provides guidelines that can help us to better prepare ourselves for times of uncertainty. It breaks down an action plan that will help you to create more certainty in your life. When you have more certainty you have a greater level of self-confidence and control, which allows you to make more effective decisions. The map also walks you through how to move through periods of your life where you're experiencing a significant amount of uncertainty. As you work through this map you will begin to feel more comfortable when facing uncertainty. An element of uncertainty will, of course, always be there. That's not something we can change. It's part of making decisions, taking chances, and doing things we've never done before.

  • Making Mistakes

    This IQ Matrix explores how to gain the most value from every mistake you make. Many people fear making mistakes, which is why they never really take any risks. However, making mistakes can actually be of tremendous value. This mind map, specifically, looks at the consequences of dwelling on mistakes. It highlights the profound positive impact that making mistakes can have on our lives. It explains exactly what to do the moment we make a mistake. It also describes how to learn from the mistakes we make. The map concludes with a break down of how to mentally prepare ourselves for potential future mistakes. When we’re prepared and ready, that is when we make the most of the various scenarios we are likely to face.

    Map 5

  • Map 6

    Understanding Failure

    This IQ Matrix explores how to radically transform our perspective about failure. Working through the map will essentially alter your understanding of what it means to fail. Moreover, it will help you develop the necessary mindset needed to work through periods of your life where you experience unexpected failure. The mind map specifically presents you with various arguments that put failure in a positive light. It breaks down several empowering interpretations of failure. It walks you through exactly what to do the moment you realize you have failed. And presents you with several guidelines to help you avoid future failure. Failure is, of course, an inevitable part of life. It's part of risk-taking and living outside our comfort zones. But failure is never the end. In fact, it could turn into an incredible opportunity that can move your life and goals forward in surprising ways.

  • Overcoming Failure

    This IQ Matrix explores how to make the most of periods of your life when you experience failure. The mind map breaks down how to respond to failure in optimal ways. It describes the various things you must keep in mind when you experience failure. These guidelines will help shift how you think about and interpret your failures. The map also walks you through how to prepare yourself to make the most of every failure. And, finally, the map highlights scenarios where accepting failure is the best option for long-term success. Working through this map will help you learn how to handle failure in optimal ways. This is of particular value for those who live life on the edge and tend to take considerable risk while in the pursuit of their goals.

    Map 7

  • Map 8

    Having No Regrets

    This IQ Matrix explores how to live a more vibrant and exciting life filled with passion and promise — a life of no regrets and full of possibilities. The mind map defines what it means to live with regrets. It highlights the purpose of regret and the consequences that holding onto regret can have on our lives. It breaks down a four-step process for overcoming your regrets. It walks you through various guidelines for overcoming regret. And it concludes by presenting you with numerous ideas to help you live an inspired life. Working through this map will help you to make better choices and decisions as you work toward the attainment of your goals.

  • The Law of Opposites

    This IQ Matrix states that if you do what the majority of other people do, then you will inevitably become what the majority of people already are. In other words, if you follow the masses and do what they do, then you will end up getting very ordinary results. This ultimately translates into a less than fulfilling life. Most of us though, expect that we will one day experience a better life. We naively anticipate that we’ll eventually achieve all our goals and aspirations. However, the unfortunate truth is that most people never get there. They don’t get there because of a culmination of poor choices they have made over a lifetime. This mind map highlights the choices that the average person tends to make that result in an unsatisfying existence. From there, all you need is to do the opposite. Use the law of opposites to create a better life for yourself and for the ones you love.

    Map 9

  • Map 10

    Life is a Game

    This IQ Matrix will help you live your life with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. This will ultimately help you make the most of every moment. The mind map uses the analogy of life being very much like a game. No longer is life simply “life”. Life now becomes a game — a game that you play; a game that you learn from; a game that you experience and enjoy; and a game that you potentially come to master over time. As with any game, there are guidelines for playing and very specific rules that you must follow. These rules have been set in place to help you. They are there to help you win at the game of life. By following these rules, you improve your chances of success. However, by ignoring these rules, you are setting yourself up for inevitable failure. The mind map walks you through what it means to succeed at the game of life. It also outlines 10 indispensable rules that we must follow to ensure that we win at the game of life.

Each Map Comes in the Following File Formats...

JPEG Image File

JPEG files are ideal for viewing on your computer, tablet, mobile, or any other portable device. You can open these files using any photo viewing app or software.

PDF File

PDF files are ideal for printing from your personal computer. And because these files are in high resolution format they can be printed in A4, A3, and A2 sizes.

Editable Mind Map File

The MindManager file format is an editable text only version of the IQ Matrix. It can be edited using Xmind, iMindMap, MindGenius mind mapping applications.

Some Maps May Also Include the Following Bonuses...

Written PDF Summary

This is a written summary of the mind map that breaks down in detail each branch and concept presented within the map. It's available in a printable PDF format. You will find the online version of these summaries on the IQ Matrix Blog.

eBook Format

This is a formatted eBook that summarizes each branch of the map in detail. These eBooks have a convenient clickable table of contents. Ideal for reading on your computer, tablet, mobile or device. The eBook comes in PDF and a flipbook format.

IQ Doodles

IQ Doodles are fun cartoon doodles that outline a very specific series of practical steps for improving various aspects of your life. Each IQ Doodle is linked to a topic outlined within a mind map. They are the perfect companion for each IQ Matrix.

Below you will find a short description for each icon. When the icon has a green tick it means that this item is included with your map. Items that have a red cross are not currently available.

I love how the IQ Matrix maps are summarizing wisdom of entire books in such an interesting and easily digestible format. It's amazing how much value you've created. My mind was completely blown. Besides pure astonishment, I really like how it interconnects everything and puts it into one big picture. If you're like me and you know a lot of the content on those mind maps already, you shouldn't underestimate how much they can do for you. The real key about learning is not to have something "heard" once, but instead to remember and apply this wisdom. Adam's IQ maps are predestined to remind you of what you already know and urge you to apply it.

Matthias Rossa

Generally I go through a topic in the members area one map at a time, then read the accompanying smmary. I then set up reminders to review the map at a later date so it goes into long-term memory.  On average I study around three maps per week and love the results and insights I'm getting. It's exciting to think of ongoing knowledge development and insights, and the accompanying growth, as I continue on this personal development adventure. Studying in this way is potentially saving me thousands of hours of reading time and at the same time is a highly effective learning tool.

James Hadden

More Content to be Added Over Time...

Summaries and eBooks for each IQ Matrix are made available over time. They will be added to your downloads page automatically once they have been published. At this time, no further IQ Doodles are planned for production. However, some of the 100s of mind maps that have been created do also include Visual Thinking Templates and instructions on how to use them.

"The most rewarding things you do in life are often the ones that look like they cannot be done."


Each IQ Matrix represents a cluster of thoughts about a single topic. It’s like a neuron network of interconnected thoughts where you meticulously explore the brain of someone who has successfully mastered the topic. You then take those thought clusters and implant them into your own brain as you use the map. Kind of like a software upgrade for your brain.


Each map effectively categorizes the most important and actionable ideas about a topic into conveniently digestible chunks. It uses keywords and questions in a sentence-like structure that’s easy to follow and understand.


Each map uses a combination of keywords, colors and images designed in an organic radial-like structure that naturally helps improve memory while encouraging photographic recall of the information you are exploring.​


Each map provides you with a comprehensive bird’s eye view of the topic. Subsequently, you gain deeper insights as you're better able to recognize how various ideas are interlinked together to form the whole topic.​

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