MasterMind Matrix Bundle

The MasterMind Matrix 10 Map Bundle includes the MasterMind Matrix chart and a selection of hand picked maps that are designed to challenge you to live life to a higher set of standards.


Who is this Bundle for?

  • Anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of why they do what they do.

  • Anyone who wants a framework that breaks down what it takes to succeed.

  • Anyone working as a life coach who wants to understand their client's path to success.

  • Anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the intricacies of human behavior.

  • Anyone who is looking for a visual framework for achieving their goals and living a better life.

"Don't settle for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."


The MasterMind Matrix pieces together some of the most valuable strategies, tools, and techniques taken from the psychology of achievement. The chart provides you with a framework for understanding your behavior and for achieving your goals. In fact, all those self-help books you’ve been reading over the years will now start to make perfect sense the moment you see how everything is interconnected and intertwined within the big picture.

Reading the MasterMInd Matrix is like navigating Google Earth for the brain...

​"This is an incredible piece of work and one which I am sure will become very popular and deservedly so. Reading the MasterMind Matrix is like navigating a Google Earth for the brain — I kept smiling as I discovered more and more and more. It is like a blueprint of the human makeup…. or a workshop manual to being human. 

As I was looking around the Matrix it felt like someone had put a balloon in my brain and was pumping it up…what I mean by that is, it encompasses all of the many hundreds of books I have read on my own personal journey and it feels like this is a Master Plan that brings everything together; that makes the connections. 

I feel this is a wonderful overview and guide to self-improvement and it will enable readers to quickly identify where they are in their own personal development, and where they need to concentrate their attention and efforts to make further progress."
— Paul Foreman


Imagine for a moment delving into the deepest recesses of your mind — into your unconscious reservoirs of experience and seeing your habitual patterns and internal thinking processes vividly presented before you at a fully conscious level of awareness.


It’s like walking blindly your entire life, yet now, for the first time you start seeing the light. You awaken from your slumber to new understandings and perspectives about yourself, others, and the world around you.


As you make progress along this journey you begin to understand that there is so much more to life than what you consciously imagined.


Your thoughts, habits, beliefs, values, needs, questions, language patterns, attitudes, self-concept, emotions, and decisions all come into perspective like you've never experienced them before.


You finally realize all the conscious, unconscious, and semiconscious mistakes you’ve been making over a lifetime. Likewise, you now fully understand why you've been caught in a web of failure, self-sabotage, and regret.


Fully realizing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, you now understand exactly what you must do to achieve your wildest dreams using precise, intelligent, conscious tactics that will guide you toward the achievement of your goals.


This and more is possible as you begin to explore the MasterMind Matrix!

Breaking Down the MasterMind Matrix...

Click on the (+) icon to







As an additional bonus you will receive access to the MasterMind Matrix eBook, which will take you step-by-step through segments of the MasterMind Matrix. The eBook also lists over 700 additional resources, articles, books and videos that will help expand your understanding of the chart.

    The pieces fit together in a single framework...

    "Wow! What more can I say? I was looking for words to describe this amazing piece of work. I just starting following the first steps in the Matrix, and it’s absolutely mind-blowing to see the culmination of years of life coaching experience — along with dozens of personal development books — all on a single mind map! As for me, I can’t even imagine the work involved in making all these pieces fit together in a single framework. Thank you so much for putting it together."
    — Luciano Passuello

    I could easily focus on a section for a day...

    "This MasterMind Matrix is jam-packed with content and concepts. The amount of information in it could take quite some time to process and make use of. Its sheer size make it somewhat of an item that is a definitive foundational source. Someone could easily focus on a small section of the whole matrix for a day, and then focus on another section the following day, eliciting beneficial effects from the whole entity for a substantial period of time."
    — Armen Shirvanian


    "When I discover who I am, I will be free."

    Your MasterMind Matrix is excellent. The nuances of entire human psychology including self-realization and quantum psychology is simplified for a layman to understand.

    Anyone going through the MasterMind Matrix series will understand the intricacies of the working of the human mind. In fact, there is no area that is not covered in a human life and beyond. It requires re-reading several times to grasp it fully.

    The amount of thinking that has gone into this work in unimaginable. It is unimaginable that one person, brain, mind can bring out entire human life that encompasses all the faculties and areas of life into one page.

    Dr. Murugappan

    The Following Maps are Included in this Bundle...

    • Optimal Living

      This IQ Matrix explores key changes you could make to live a happier and more fulfilling life. The map presents you with a series of questions that encourage you to think critically and objectively about various aspects of your life. These areas include your capabilities, beliefs, doubts, emotions, behavior, fears, peers, daily actions, goals, your future and more. Working through these questions will help shift how you think about your life and circumstances. And as your perspective changes, so do your decisions, which ultimately impacts your future outcomes.

      Map 1

    • Map 2

      A Philosophy for Living

      This IQ Matrix explores various philosophies that you can adopt and apply to help you live a better and emotionally healthy life. The seven philosophies included within this mind map are a philosophy for growth, for wisdom, for perspective, for gratitude, for progress, for achievement, and for connection. Each of these philosophies will help you view life from an emotionally intelligent perspective. As a result, you will make the most of every opportunity, and will subsequently choose to respond to adversity in more optimal ways.

    • Life Role Optimization

      This IQ Matrix explores how to optimize how you live your life through the roles you choose to play each day. We all play various roles in life. Some roles we are born into, while other roles are based on the choices we make. Sometimes we play roles that correspond to certain life experiences, while at other times these roles are based on things we identify with. We are in fact playing many different roles over a lifetime. Balancing those roles and making the most of each role isn’t easy. However, it doesn’t need to be an overwhelming experience. Within this IQ Matrix, you will learn how to optimize your life roles and find more balance, happiness, and fulfillment in your life. The mind map specifically walks you through a seven step exploratory process you can use to optimize how you live life through the roles you play.

      Map 3

    • Map 4

      Total Life Reinvention

      This IQ Matrix explores what it takes to completely reinvent yourself and change your life for the better. All of us go through periods of stagnation where we just kind of feel stuck and unable to move forward. It’s these exact moments that provide us with an opportunity for transformation — an opportunity for reinvention. This mind map walks you through how to reinvent yourself and your life using a process of steps that will help transform how you think, work, play and live. The map walks you through what it means to reinvent yourself. It outlines the six-steps for total life reinvention. Each step of this process presents you with very specific action points. These action points are accompanied by questions that challenge how you think about yourself, about your life, and circumstances. The map also provides you with further guidelines to help you follow through with your plans for total life reinvention.

    • The Law of Opposites

      The Law of Opposites states that if you do what the majority of other people do, then you will inevitably become what the majority of people already are. In other words, if you follow the masses and do what they do, then you will end up getting very ordinary results. This ultimately translates into a less than fulfilling life. Most of us though, expect that we will one day experience a better life. We naively anticipate that we'll eventually achieve all our goals and aspirations. However, the unfortunate truth is that most people never get there. They don't get there because of a culmination of poor choices they have made over a lifetime. This mind map highlights the choices that the average person tends to make that result in an unsatisfying existence. From there, all you need is to do the opposite. Use the law of opposites to create a better life for yourself and for the ones you love.  

      Map 5

    • Map 6

      Life is a Game

      This IQ Matrix will help you live your life with a renewed sense of purpose and passion. This will ultimately help you make the most of every moment. The mind map uses the analogy of life being very much like a game. No longer is life simply “life”. Life now becomes a game — a game that you play; a game that you learn from; a game that you experience and enjoy; and a game that you potentially come to master over time. As with any game, there are guidelines for playing and very specific rules that you must follow. These rules have been set in place to help you. They are there to help you win at the game of life. By following these rules, you improve your chances of success. However, by ignoring these rules, you are setting yourself up for inevitable failure. The mind map walks you through what it means to succeed at the game of life. It also outlines 10 indispensable rules that we must follow to ensure that we win at the game of life.

    • Life is an Experiment

      This IQ Matrix explores how to take a more experimental and practical approach to life, to solving problems, and to achieving your goals. The mind map breaks down how to take a scientific approach to living your life. This is, of course, all about experimentation. It’s about adopting key scientific habits and learning how to ask experimental questions that can move your life forward in optimal ways. You will learn how simple life experiments can make life more fun, rewarding, and fulfilling. This mind map breaks down what it means to approach life as a scientist. It highlights key scientific habits to adopt. It outlines essential experimental questions you should be asking yourself that will lead to deeper insights and understandings. And it guides you through the process of trial and error.

      Map 7

    • Map 8

      Excuses for Mediocrity

      This IQ Matrix takes you through 19 excuses that people typically make that prevent them from achieving their goals. These excuses keep people stuck and living a mediocre existence. They never get to experience the life they long for because their excuses hold them back from making optimal decisions that would normally move their life forward. This mind map is designed to help you gain a better understanding of each of the 19 excuses that often sabotage people's progress. Ultimately, with clarity come new perspectives and insights that can help you live life with less regret and with more purposeful intention.

    • Finding Flow

      This IQ Matrix explores what it takes to get into a flow state to help you perform at peak levels of your ability. Being "in the flow" is a mental state where time seems to disintegrate before our eyes. It's a state where you become one with what you're doing — one with the moment. In sports, getting into a flow state is often referred to as “being in the zone”. However, getting into flow isn’t only for athletes. It’s actually for anyone who desires to work at optimal levels. It's for anyone who wants to get more done in less time with higher levels of creative output. This concept was first introduced by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The mind map breaks down what it means to be in a flow state. It outlines how to specifically get into a flow state. And it concludes with an overview of how to maintain a flow state for extended periods of time.

      Map 9

    • Map 10

      Living Limitless Life

      This IQ Matrix explores what it takes to live life to your highest potential. This mind map is based on the 2011 film Limitless starring Bradley Cooper. In the film, Bradley’s character (Eddie Morra) is facing unemployment and a very bleak future. However, everything changes when an old friend offers him a drug that produces enhanced mental acuity. With the help of this drug, Eddie suddenly acquires uncanny mental abilities that instantly give him more clarity of mind, superior memory and recall, an unlimited supply of energy, and a profound level of self-confidence. He essentially becomes limitless. This mind map explores what it takes to become limitless in exactly this same way without the need for drugs. Specifically, the mind map breaks down how to gain mastery over your mindset, over your actions, over your growth, over your influence (on others), and over your body.

    Each Map Comes in the Following File Formats...

    JPEG Image File

    JPEG files are ideal for viewing on your computer, tablet, mobile, or any other portable device. You can open these files using any photo viewing app or software.

    PDF File

    PDF files are ideal for printing from your personal computer. And because these files are in high resolution format they can be printed in A4, A3, and A2 sizes.

    Editable Mind Map File

    The MindManager file format is an editable text only version of the IQ Matrix. It can be edited using Xmind, iMindMap, MindGenius mind mapping applications.

    Some Maps May Also Include the Following Bonuses...

    Written PDF Summary

    This is a written summary of the mind map that breaks down in detail each branch and concept presented within the map. It's available in a printable PDF format. You will find the online version of these summaries on the IQ Matrix Blog.

    eBook Format

    This is a formatted eBook that summarizes each branch of the map in detail. These eBooks have a convenient clickable table of contents. Ideal for reading on your computer, tablet, mobile or device. The eBook comes in PDF and a flipbook format.

    IQ Doodles

    IQ Doodles are fun cartoon doodles that outline a very specific series of practical steps for improving various aspects of your life. Each IQ Doodle is linked to a topic outlined within a mind map. They are the perfect companion for each IQ Matrix.

    Below you will find a short description for each icon. When the icon has a green tick it means that this item is included with your map. Items that have a red cross are not currently available.

    Looking at the chart as a whole is like seeing the map of a city. You can see roads to multiple blocks within the city. Within each block, you can see how those roads split into small streets. Following the roads in the chart makes you feel like you are traveling in the city of Self Improvement.

    Donald Latumahina

    At first glance the map might seem overwhelming but it is more and more powerful the more you explore it. The map is packed full of helpful concepts and reveals a lot about oneself when you really take time to explore it. It has certainly impressed me and I know I can always find new ideas and topics to ask myself questions as I continue to access it.

    Mike King

    More Content to be Added Over Time...

    Summaries and eBooks for each IQ Matrix are made available over time. They will be added to your downloads page automatically once they have been published. At this time, no further IQ Doodles are planned for production. However, some of the 100s of mind maps that have been created do also include Visual Thinking Templates and instructions on how to use them.

    "When things are bad, it's the best time to reinvent yourself."


    Each IQ Matrix represents a cluster of thoughts about a single topic. It’s like a neuron network of interconnected thoughts where you meticulously explore the brain of someone who has successfully mastered the topic. You then take those thought clusters and implant them into your own brain as you use the map. Kind of like a software upgrade for your brain.


    Each map effectively categorizes the most important and actionable ideas about a topic into conveniently digestible chunks. It uses keywords and questions in a sentence-like structure that’s easy to follow and understand.


    Each map uses a combination of keywords, colors and images designed in an organic radial-like structure that naturally helps improve memory while encouraging photographic recall of the information you are exploring.​


    Each map provides you with a comprehensive bird’s eye view of the topic. Subsequently, you gain deeper insights as you're better able to recognize how various ideas are interlinked together to form the whole topic.​

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