Finding Purpose Bundle

The Finding Purpose 10 Map Bundle includes a selection of hand picked maps that are designed to help you discover your life's purpose, unlock your passions, and reignite your ambitions.


Who is this Bundle for?

  • Anyone who feels as though their life is lacking real meaning and purpose.

  • Anyone who feels stuck and kind of dissatisfied with how their life is unfolding.

  • Anyone who feels as though they aren't living up to their full potential.

  • Anyone wants to unlock their life's purpose, their deepest passions, and higher calling.

  • Anyone who wants more clarity and direction when it comes to achieving their goals.

"Somebody should tell us at the start of our lives that we are dying, then we might live to our limits."

The Following Maps are Included in this Bundle...

  • Discover Life Purpose

    This IQ Matrix takes you through a very specific set of questions that will help you gain key insight into your life’s purpose, mission, and vision. Your life’s purpose is that one thing that’s built upon your deepest passions and dreams. It’s that one thing that brings incredible joy and fulfillment to your life. In fact, it is the one thing that really makes life worth living. However, this map isn’t only for personal use. This map is also an indispensable tool for life coaches who would like to use these set of questions to help uncover their client’s life purpose and deepest passions. The questions contained within this map are organized into specific categories. These categories include self-awareness, finding your motivation, unlocking your dreams, breaking down your lifetime experiences, creating an ideal life, and finding your higher calling. Taking the time to answer these questions will help you uncover your life’s purpose.

    Map 1

  • Map 2

    Personal Legend

    This IQ Matrix will help you clarify your mission and vision. Clarity in these two areas will help you unlock your life's purpose and ultimate destiny. The idea of a Personal Legend came from a book written by Paulo Coelho titled, The Alchemist. The book tells the story of a young boy searching for a deeper meaning to his life. He is ultimately searching for his life's purpose, which is highlighted in the book as a Personal Legend. The mind map outlines the purpose of creating an inspiring Personal Legend. It lists down several questions that will help you get very clear about your Personal Legend. It walks you through a series of exercises for unlocking your Personal Legend. It concludes with a break down on how to align your Personal Legend with other aspects of your life. Going through this map will help you gain the necessary clarity needed to make more optimal choices as you work toward the attainment of your Personal Legend.

  • Living with Passion

    This IQ Matrix explores how to live with more passion, purpose and enthusiasm as you work toward the achievement of your goals. The mind map defines what it means to live with passion. It highlights the benefits of living with passion and the positive impact this can have on your life. It presents you with a set of questions to help you discover and unleash your passions. It walks you through a series of steps for tapping into your passions each day. It concludes by listing down a number of passion traps that are likely to sabotage your progress as you work toward your goals. Working through this map will help you find more passion, enthusiasm, and a zest for living your life with a sense of purpose.

    Map 3

  • Map 4

    Value Transformation

    This IQ Matrix explores how to uncover your values and align them with your personal goals, life’s purpose, and objectives. The mind map guides you through this process of value transformation by presenting you with a variety of questions that help you to elicit and transform your values. Specifically, the mind map explores the difference between moving away, moving towards, means and ends values. It presents you with a set of questions that will help you structure your values hierarchy. The mind map concludes with an explanation of how to modify your values to better meet your life’s goals and objectives. Working through this map will help you to live life with a deeper sense of purpose that is aligned with your core values.

  • Make a Difference

    This IQ Matrix will help you make a positive difference in this world in your own unique way. Making a difference doesn’t necessarily mean putting into action some grand scheme that will instantly make the world a better place. What it does mean is focusing on the little things that will make a difference to your community and to the lives of those around you. And as you make a difference you work with more purposeful intention. The mind map explores what it means to be generous and how you can become a more generous person. It breaks down what it means to be nice to other people. This is all about doing good deeds for other people that impact their lives in a positive way. The map also shows you how to be more giving and how that can transform your relationship with other people. And finally, the mind map outlines what it means to be more helpful. This is all about giving up your time and energy to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

    Map 5

  • Map 6

    Acting on Inspiration

    This IQ Matrix explores how to find the inspiration you need to take positive action working toward your goals. While this map is about inspiration, it’s important not to get lost trying to find endless sources inspiration. Sometimes we want to find inspiration so badly that we forget that inspiration often results from action. When you take purposeful action, that is when you gain the necessary insight you need to realize a breakthrough. Inspiration is, therefore, only one part of the puzzle, and probably not the most important part. This mind map walks you through what it takes to find inspiration. It breaks down a five-step process for finding inspiration. And concludes by presenting you with further guidelines and suggestions to help you move from a state of inspiration to inspired action.

  • Ignite Ambition

    This IQ Matrix explores how to unleash the ambition you need to generate the necessary momentum required to purposefully pursue your goals. Sometimes a person might have absolutely everything going for them in every way. All they’re missing is that small spark; that burning desire; that passion, energy, and drive that’s required for any successful endeavor. This mind map highlights what ambition requires of us and how ambition is tied to our physiology and state-of-mind. The map then explores the mindset, qualities, habits, decisions, behaviors, and actions that define high achievers. It concludes by breaking down how to re-ignite lost ambition. Working through this map will help you work with a higher sense of purpose on your goals.

    Map 7

  • Map 8

    Living Spontaneously

    This IQ Matrix will show you what it takes to live life in a more interesting, fun and unpredictable way. This, of course, isn’t about being reckless with your choices and decisions. It’s rather about pulling yourself out of your comfort zone and taking a few more chances. It’s about trying new things and seeking out new adventures that could lead to unexpected opportunities. Living spontaneously is about spicing up your life in ways that will help you live more fully, freely, courageously, and purposefully. The mind map defines what it means to live spontaneously. It walks you through the changes you need to make to become a more spontaneous person. It takes you through a four-step process for becoming more spontaneous. It provides you with further guidelines for spontaneous living. And concludes by exploring the value of saying YES to things that will enhance your quality of life.

  • Finding Flow

    This IQ Matrix explores what it takes to get into a flow state to help you perform at peak levels of your ability. Being “in the flow” is a mental state where time seems to disintegrate before our eyes. It’s a state where you become one with what you’re doing — one with the moment. And, as a result, you take more purposeful action. In sports, getting into a flow state is often referred to as “being in the zone”. However, getting into flow isn’t only for athletes. It’s actually for anyone who desires to work at optimal levels with one definitive purpose in mind. It’s for anyone who wants to get more done in less time with higher levels of creative output. This concept was first introduced by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. The mind map breaks down what it means to be in a flow state. It outlines how to specifically get into a flow state. And it concludes with an overview of how to maintain a flow state for extended periods of time.

    Map 9

  • Map 10

    Harnessing Enthusiasm

    This IQ Matrix explores how to effectively use the power of enthusiasm to boost your productivity, optimize your results and achieve your goals. When we get into the habit of bringing enthusiasm to everything we do, life just becomes easier. In fact, enthusiasm is a force that will enhance your relationships, communication skills and opportunities; it will boost your energy; it will keep you focused and will make it easier to work through life’s problems. In fact, through the simple act of cultivating more enthusiasm you will live with more purpose, have more zest for life, which will naturally lead to more joy, happiness, and fulfilment. This mind map highlights the value of cultivating enthusiasm. It lists the requirements for enthusiasm. It breaks down a four-step process for harnessing more enthusiasm throughout the day. It outlines how to arouse enthusiasm using various methods. And concludes by presenting you with further ideas on how to maintain your level of enthusiasm throughout the day.

Each Map Comes in the Following File Formats...

JPEG Image File

JPEG files are ideal for viewing on your computer, tablet, mobile, or any other portable device. You can open these files using any photo viewing app or software.

PDF File

PDF files are ideal for printing from your personal computer. And because these files are in high resolution format they can be printed in A4, A3, and A2 sizes.

Editable Mind Map File

The MindManager file format is an editable text only version of the IQ Matrix. It can be edited using Xmind, iMindMap, MindGenius mind mapping applications.

Some Maps May Also Include the Following Bonuses...

Written PDF Summary

This is a written summary of the mind map that breaks down in detail each branch and concept presented within the map. It's available in a printable PDF format. You will find the online version of these summaries on the IQ Matrix Blog.

eBook Format

This is a formatted eBook that summarizes each branch of the map in detail. These eBooks have a convenient clickable table of contents. Ideal for reading on your computer, tablet, mobile or device. The eBook comes in PDF and a flipbook format.

IQ Doodles

IQ Doodles are fun cartoon doodles that outline a very specific series of practical steps for improving various aspects of your life. Each IQ Doodle is linked to a topic outlined within a mind map. They are the perfect companion for each IQ Matrix.

Below you will find a short description for each icon. When the icon has a green tick it means that this item is included with your map. Items that have a red cross are not currently available.

IQ Matrix is excellent in helping people better understand the bigger picture on the various topics. In my first review of a map they are sometimes overwhelming. But when I take the time to really analyze each map I realize how much is there.

Ken Witte

Of all the resources I have invested in during my journey, this is absolutely the best investment of all, and the maps are so affordable. I print them out, study them and work on them with clients.

Idun Munkejord

More Content to be Added Over Time...

Summaries and eBooks for each IQ Matrix are made available over time. They will be added to your downloads page automatically once they have been published. At this time, no further IQ Doodles are planned for production. However, some of the 100s of mind maps that have been created do also include Visual Thinking Templates and instructions on how to use them.

"Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion."


Each IQ Matrix represents a cluster of thoughts about a single topic. It’s like a neuron network of interconnected thoughts where you meticulously explore the brain of someone who has successfully mastered the topic. You then take those thought clusters and implant them into your own brain as you use the map. Kind of like a software upgrade for your brain.


Each map effectively categorizes the most important and actionable ideas about a topic into conveniently digestible chunks. It uses keywords and questions in a sentence-like structure that’s easy to follow and understand.


Each map uses a combination of keywords, colors and images designed in an organic radial-like structure that naturally helps improve memory while encouraging photographic recall of the information you are exploring.​


Each map provides you with a comprehensive bird’s eye view of the topic. Subsequently, you gain deeper insights as you're better able to recognize how various ideas are interlinked together to form the whole topic.​

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