Emotional Fortitude Bundle

The Emotional Fortitude 10 Map Bundle includes a selection of hand picked maps that are designed to help you develop essential coping skills for handling difficult emotions.


Who is this Bundle for?

  • Anyone who typically struggles emotionally when things don't go their way.

  • Anyone who often feels overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, stressed and anxious.

  • Anyone who feels as though they need to upgrade their emotional coping skills.

  • Anyone who wants to become more proactive and in control of their emotional responses.

  • Anyone who needs to stay cool, calm, and collected on their job.

"Do what you can, with what you have, right where you are."

The Following Maps are Included in this Bundle...

  • Stress Management

    This IQ Matrix explores how to effectively manage your stress levels throughout the day. The mind map delves into ways you can reduce stress from a nutritional perspective. It outlines how to shift how you think about stress. This is all about perspective. It looks at ways to reduce the physical effects of stress on the body. It provides you with simple daily action steps for eliminating stress. And highlights key areas for avoiding stress.

    Map 1

  • Map 2

    Controlling Anxiety

    This IQ Matrix explores how to feel less anxious about uncertain situations that we often exaggerate in our imaginations. More specifically, the map walks you through how to take control of your anxiety and manage your emotional responses in far more productive ways. The mind map defines what anxiety means, outlines two common types of anxiety, presents you with a four-step process you can use to control your feelings of anxiety, and provides you with further guidelines for managing this uncomfortable emotion.

  • Anger Management

    This IQ Matrix explores how to manage your anger in optimal ways. The mind map presents you with effective strategies, techniques and tips to help you take control of your anger and direct it in more positive and productive ways. The mind map breaks down the causes, consequences, and early warning signs of anger. It outlines 12 types of anger that we often get caught up in. And provides you with guidelines for managing and reframing your anger in helpful ways. 

    Map 3

  • Map 4

    Overcoming Hurt

    This IQ Matrix explores how to better manage and overcome your feelings of hurt. Whether someone hurt your feelings, pride, or state-of-mind, this map will show you how to work through these feelings in optimal ways. The mind map outlines how and why we experience the emotion of hurt, delves into the consequences of this debilitating emotion, breaks down a four-step process for overcoming feelings of hurt, and provides guidelines for managing your hurt feelings in helpful ways.

  • Overcoming Frustration

    This IQ Matrix explores how to overcome the debilitating feelings of frustration. The mind map outlines what it truly means to feel frustrated. It highlights the consequences of frustration as well as the surprising value it can bring to our lives. It walks you through a four-step process for effectively managing your frustrations throughout the day. And presents you with various tips, techniques, and strategies for working through periods of frustration in optimal ways.

    Map 5

  • Map 6

    Calm Under Pressure

    This IQ Matrix explores how to stay cool, calm, and collected while under heavy amounts of pressure. These pressure situations often lead to high levels of stress, anxiety and overwhelm. In fact, pressure situations can trigger a wide variety of unhelpful emotional responses that leave us feeling exhausted and despondent. The mind map is designed to help you develop a more relaxed and carefree demeanor and outlook on life. It outlines the importance of choosing calmness throughout the day. Provides guidelines on how to stay calm under pressure. Walks you through various ways to relax. And examines how to stay calm, cool and collected over the long-run.

  • Overcoming Disappointment

    This IQ Matrix explores how to move past life’s failures, mistakes, and frustrations in optimal ways. The mind map breaks down what it means to feel disappointed and the consequences it often brings to our lives. The map also delves into a five-step process you can use to effectively overcome your feelings of disappointment. Finally, the mind map presents you with several helpful strategies that will alter your perspective and help you overcome debilitating feelings of disappointment when facing potential mistakes and failure.

    Map 7

  • Map 8

    Controlling Your Nerves

    This IQ Matrix explores how to take control of your nervous before they get the better of you. The mind map breaks down the advantages and disadvantages of feeling nervous. It outlines a four-step process you can use to overcome unsettling nerves before a big event or situation. It highlights how to mentally prepare yourself before you take the plunge into uncertain territory. It outlines what to do if your nerves still get the better of you. And concludes by presenting you with a series of questions to help you learn from your experience and improve your approach the next time around.

  • Beating Overwhelm

    This IQ Matrix explores how to overcome moments of emotional overwhelm. The mind map presents you with effective strategies, techniques and tips to help you manage and control the avalanche of tasks, information, responsibilities, and commitments that weigh heavily on our shoulders. The mind map specifically walks you through how to take charge of this debilitating emotion. This begins by identifying "overwhelm" triggers that often tend to shake up our lives. You must then work through a seven-step process for managing your feelings of overwhelm in optimal ways. Then in the end, it all essentially comes down to perspective and letting go of the things that you can't control.

    Map 9

  • Map 10

    Overcoming Worry

    This IQ Matrix explores how to overcome irrational worries that prevent you from performing at your best. The mind map identifies the two types of worry that we often indulge it. It describes how we tend to unnecessarily keep feeding our worries to our detriment. It then highlights how to overcome worry by challenging our limiting beliefs. And concludes by presenting you with several guidelines for overcoming your worrisome thoughts and irrational predictions.

Each Map Comes in the Following File Formats...

JPEG Image File

JPEG files are ideal for viewing on your computer, tablet, mobile, or any other portable device. You can open these files using any photo viewing app or software.

PDF File

PDF files are ideal for printing from your personal computer. And because these files are in high resolution format they can be printed in A4, A3, and A2 sizes.

Editable Mind Map File

The MindManager file format is an editable text only version of the IQ Matrix. It can be edited using Xmind, iMindMap, MindGenius mind mapping applications.

Some Maps May Also Include the Following Bonuses...

Written PDF Summary

This is a written summary of the mind map that breaks down in detail each branch and concept presented within the map. It's available in a printable PDF format. You will find the online version of these summaries on the IQ Matrix Blog.

eBook Format

This is a formatted eBook that summarizes each branch of the map in detail. These eBooks have a convenient clickable table of contents. Ideal for reading on your computer, tablet, mobile or device. The eBook comes in PDF and a flipbook format.

IQ Doodles

IQ Doodles are fun cartoon doodles that outline a very specific series of practical steps for improving various aspects of your life. Each IQ Doodle is linked to a topic outlined within a mind map. They are the perfect companion for each IQ Matrix.

Below you will find a short description for each icon. When the icon has a green tick it means that this item is included with your map. Items that have a red cross are not currently available.

Your mind maps are logical, they read like a book, they are very visually orientated, compact and they stimulate thinking about a subject. I often take one with me on a coffee break to fill my mind with positive new ideas. The logic is great, the impact is more than I thought. I take time to read them through several times to get the full meaning.

Mark Deseke

I love the way I don't have to wade through pages of explanation but can get a sense at a glance. As a life coach and clinical professional, I have found the maps are a wonderful quick reference tool to help my clients see the components of the issue being faced.

Theresa Pastor

More Content to be Added Over Time...

Summaries and eBooks for each IQ Matrix are made available over time. They will be added to your downloads page automatically once they have been published. At this time, no further IQ Doodles are planned for production. However, some of the 100s of mind maps that have been created do also include Visual Thinking Templates and instructions on how to use them.

"For every minute you are angry you lose 60 seconds of happiness."


Each IQ Matrix represents a cluster of thoughts about a single topic. It’s like a neuron network of interconnected thoughts where you meticulously explore the brain of someone who has successfully mastered the topic. You then take those thought clusters and implant them into your own brain as you use the map. Kind of like a software upgrade for your brain.


Each map effectively categorizes the most important and actionable ideas about a topic into conveniently digestible chunks. It uses keywords and questions in a sentence-like structure that’s easy to follow and understand.


Each map uses a combination of keywords, colors and images designed in an organic radial-like structure that naturally helps improve memory while encouraging photographic recall of the information you are exploring.​


Each map provides you with a comprehensive bird’s eye view of the topic. Subsequently, you gain deeper insights as you're better able to recognize how various ideas are interlinked together to form the whole topic.​

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